Genetic and non-genetic mechanisms of aging in Drosophila

Sa Kan Yoo



The overall goal of the proposed research is to achieve a better understanding of both genetic and non-genetic mechanisms that regulate the aging processes in whole animals using Drosophila. For this purpose, we combine three distinct but potentially complementary projects to achieve integrated understanding of aging. We address the following three aging mechanisms: 1) Aging in intestinal stem cells, 2) Developmental origin of aging, and 3) Unbiased hunt for longevity genes.

Three strengths lie in this proposal. First, our proposed projects provide the whole-animal approach, which is directly relevant to the ultimate goal of aging research, longevity of organisms. Second, our projects will provide unique mechanistic insights into the aging processes such as mechanisms of tissue homeostasis disruption in aged animals and developmental origin of aging. Third, our genetic unbiased screening project provides not only specific mutants that live longer but also a unique resource with an EMS mutant collection that is generated from a single isogenic fly. We will quantify their lifespan, resistance to obesity and resistance to cancer death. This EMS mutant library with information on the whole genome sequence and specific phenotypes will be a useful resource for the aging research community.