Mouse Ageing Atlas

蓑田 亜希子



We are taking a comprehensive approach to study ageing at the tissue level by utilising the power of single cell RNA-seq technology that has recently become readily available. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of ageing has conventionally focused on specific cell types. However, it is important to understand how a tissue ages as a whole at the molecular level across multiple cell types that make up a tissue, and how communication between these cells may be changing. We hope these datasets will give us clues to understand how immunosenescence occurs with age and shed light on pathogenesis of age-onset or -related diseases.

Finally, we will analyse tissues from both SPF (specific pathogen-free) that carry microbiomes as well as germ-free mice that do not carry microbiomes, where comparative analyses are expected to reveal the effect of microbiomes on cellular and tissue ageing.

An example of scRNA-seq feasibility data (10x Genomics Chomium) from the whole lung