The single-cell transcriptome analysis of supercentenarians

Piero Carninci

Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS)
Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology
Team Leader


Supercentenarians are rare individuals who live more than 110 years, and show remarkable health and resistance to common diseases. Generally, supercentenarians spend most of their entire lives in good health, and thus considered to be an excellent model of healthy ageing. In collaboration with Keio University School of Medicine, Center for Supercentenarian Medical Research, we aim to understand successful ageing process using transcriptome technologies. Our collaborator recently found that lower levels of inflammation is the best predictor of successful ageing at extreme old age, indicating the importance of maintaining an intact, young immune system. Age-related alterations are apparent in two primary lymphoid organs, thymus and bone marrow, responsible for the development of mature lymphocytes. In particular, elderly hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow exhibit a myeloid-biased differentiation potential, which causes the reduction of circulating lymphocytes. However, transcriptional states of blood cells in the late stage of ageing are unexplored. In this project, we will investigate the transcriptome of samples from supercentenarian donors, including collected peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from supercentenarian donors. Our work will include transcriptome analysis at single-cell resolution to broadly and clarify transcriptional feature in healthy ageing.


He (center) is the oldest old man in history. He died at the age of 116 years and
2month. He lived with his family.

[Project Members]
RIKEN: Kosuke Hashimoto, Tsukasa Kouno, Tomokatsu Ikawa, Norihito Hayatsu, Yurina Miyajima, Haruka Yabukami, Tommy Terooatea, Takahiro Suzuki, Matthew Valentine, Giovanni Pascarella, Yasushi Okazaki, Harukazu Suzuki, Jay W. Shin, Akiko Minoda, Ichiro Taniuchi, Piero Carninci
Keio University School of Medicine: Takashi Sasaki, Hideyuki Okano, Yasumichi Arai, Nobuyoshi Hirose