Comprehensive lipidomics to discover metabolic signatures associated with aging

Makoto Arita

Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS)
Laboratory for Metabolomics
Team Leader


Lipids are recognized as extremely diversified molecules, and their difference in quality is considered to be important in maintaining tissue homeostasis. We have developed mass spectrometry (MS)-based untargeted lipidomics platform, which enables us to monitor lipid molecular species comprehensively.

While changes in tissue lipid profiles have been frequently observed during aging process, precise molecular species of lipid and their functional roles in controlling tissue homeostasis as well as aging-associated tissue dysfunctions, including cognitive diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and metabolic syndromes still remain to be elucidated. The aim of our current research is as follows; (1) Comprehensive lipidomic analyses to discover metabolic changes associated with aging, (2) Identify the metabolic enzymes that are critical for the metabolic changes during the aging process, and (3) Determine the causal relationship between lipid metabolism and biological phenotypes associated with aging. This result contributes to elucidate the whole landscape of changes in lipid metabolism and its role for aging and aging-associated tissue dysfunctions.