About our project

 Life science is the science of uncovering biological phenomena along a temporal scale. Biological phenomena occur at a range of different levels, from molecular and cellular, to tissue and organ levels. Among these biological phenomena, research associated particularly with decline in function after reaching adult stages over a long temporal span is referred to aging research.

 In our project, we are exploring aging in brain function, immunity, tissue homeostasis, cellular aging, metabolic regulation, etc., across multiple levels. Through close-knit collaborations across these diverse disciplines, we are striving for an integrated understanding of aging unfolding within the individual body. This will in turn contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in the future by providing the knowledge that will form the basis of the technologies, including medical care, for our aging society.


Chair, Steering Committee

  Tomoya Kitajima


Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR), Laboratory for Chromosome Segregation, Team Leader